EXPAND XPS3K Tripod cover white threesides

EXPAND XPS3K Tripod cover white threesides

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Tripod cover 3 sides for speaker stands
With this tripod cover, you cover all 3 sides of a stand up to 2.2 m height. Ideal for applications where the whole stand is visible. Higher longevity and ruggedness due to enforced feet. The stands are glowing and become very decorative and professional by LED spots mounted inside. Easy mounting with optional mounting disc (XPSKP).

Cover for speaker stands up to 2.2 m

  • Permanent flame retardant equipment according to DIN 4102-1 (B1) qualifies this cover for event and fair installation
  • Best suited for reproducing light projections
  • Extremely stretchable cloth
  • Delivered in a rugged bag
  • Made in Germany

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