EUROLITE STC-300 Lighting stand

EUROLITE STC-300 Lighting stand

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High-quality winch-stand

  • Made of steel
  • 1-gear winch for easy lifting of the loads
  • Automatic braking system
  • Safety-pins for mechanic locking
  • Ideal for mobile, professional lighting-systems or PA-systems
  • Easy handling


Type:Winch-driven stand
Construction:DIN 15560-27, DIN EN ISO 12100-2
Certified by:CE
Max. load:35 kg
Min. load:25 kg
Max. height:2.40 m
Min. height:1.50 m
Adapter: TV-ConeD:30 mm
Base area:D = 1.20 m
Transport dimensions:1.47 x 0.18 x 0.14 m
Weight:12 kg
Shipping weight:12.40 kg

További információk

Tömeg12.4000 kg
Méretek0.1450 x 1.4800 x 0.1800 m