EUROPALMS Philo garland, 180cm – Mûnövény

EUROPALMS Philo garland, 180cm – Mûnövény

990 Ft bruttó / db


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Leafy garland, true to nature

This philodendron garland convinces with its detailed, green leaves with fine, elaborate structures.
The leafy garland consists of 48 naturally spread single leaves. It is 180 cm long.

It is well suited for decorating long tables for festivities or as a spring decoration in shop windows. Thanks to the handy eyelet, you can also hang the garland at a wall or ceiling. The deco garland is also suited for framing windows or doors.

With the garland, you decorate your shop or living rooms with fresh greens – without fading leaves or dry twigs. The philodendron garland can easily be hung up and removed for storing when you want to change your decoration.
This is a quick and easy solution for fresh green in your rooms; even for several years, without the need of taking care for a real plant.

Garland with elaborately worked leaves in shades of green

  • Color: green
  • 48 leaves
  • Length: 180 cm
  • Positioning of deco: Structure hanging
Length:180 cm
Tömeg0.0300 kg
Méretek0.0900 x 0.2300 x 0.2300 m