EUROPALMS Halloween Dancing Ghost, 46cm - halloween táncoló szellem

EUROPALMS Halloween Dancing Ghost, 46cm – halloween táncoló szellem

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This animated ghost doll is perfect for decorating Halloween, haunted houses and theme parties.Long black hair frames the pale, furrowed child’s face of the girl desperately calling for her mother. As if moved by a ghostly hand, she walks back and forth on the floor as she stretches her arms towards the visitors. Flashing red LED eyes complete the animation of the ghost puppet of Europalms.The upper body, mounted on a mobile base, rotates thanks to rollers in the base plate and moves forward at the same time – a movement area of at least 1m² should be provided. If the figure encounters an obstacle, it automatically turns away again. The animation is activated by an integrated microphone or wired manual control.

Animated horror doll with light and sound effect

  • Battery: 4 x Mignon (AA) (not included)
  • Special effect: With illumination; Animated; With sound
  • Article is: Ready for use
Battery:4 x Mignon (AA) (not included)
Length:40 cm
Width:45 cm
Height:46 cm
Tömeg0.16 kg
Méretek0.1000 × 0.1000 × 0.1000 m