EUROPALMS Halloween Flying Dragon, 120cm - repülõ sárkány

EUROPALMS Halloween Flying Dragon, 120cm – repülõ sárkány

13.490 Ft bruttó / db


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This dragon figure completes your decoration for a Halloween or theme party:The dragon is based on the well-known pictures from mythology and looks out for prey with its mouth wide open. He moves his head to the left and right in order to be able to see his surroundings better. His wings – with an impressive wingspan of up to 120 cm – move up and down. An eerie sound and red flashing LED eyes complete the animation. It is activated by an integrated microphone or wired manual control. Thin nylon cords serve as suspension.

Animated dragon decoration for hanging

  • Battery: 3 xMignon (AA) (not included)
  • Special effect: Animated; With illumination; With sound
  • Positioning: Structure hanging
Battery:3 xMignon (AA) (not included)
Length:95 cm
Width:120 cm
Height:18 cm
Tömeg0.16 kg
Méretek0.1000 × 0.1000 × 0.1000 m