ROADINGER Mixer Case Pro MCBL-19, 12U – Professzionális szállítóbõrönd keverõkhöz

ROADINGER Mixer Case Pro MCBL-19, 12U – Professzionális szállítóbõrönd keverõkhöz

46.590 Ft bruttó / db


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Flightcase for 483 mm unitsThe ROADINGER Mixer-Case Profi has a removable lid and inclined profile rails that ensure optimum operability of your appliance from above. It is suitable for all 483 mm devices, such as controllers and mixing consoles with 12 U. In addition, the interior is lined with black foam padding, which protects your device from scratches and slight impacts.The high-quality workmanship with 7 mm thick walls, the aluminium profile frame with rounded corners and the three-legged, medium-sized steel ball corners ensure stability.In addition, the flight case is equipped with two high-quality, lockable butterfly locks and a case folding handle. The four steel reinforced rubber feet provide the necessary standing security. The case can be loaded with a maximum of 25 kg.

Flightcase for 483 mm units (19″)

  • Suitable for 483 mm units (19″), e.g. controllers and mixers, with 12 U
  • Upward tilted profile rails (approx. 13°) for top-operated units
  • Interior upholstered with foam (black)
  • High-quality workmanship with plywood multilayered glued, black laminated
  • Aluminum profile frames (25 mm) with rounded edges
  • Removable cover
  • Three-leg, medium-sized steel ball corners
  • 2 high-quality lockable butterfly locks
  • 4 steel-enforced rubber feet
  • Padded carrying handle
  • Delivery includes mounting screws
  • Black hardware
  • 12 U
Maximum load:25 kg
Color:Black, laminated
Material:Glued plywood, 7 mm
Outer dimensions/corners approx.:55 mm
Mounting width:483 mm (ca. 19″)
Mounting height:approx. 545 mm (12 U)
Mounting depth:90 mm – 180 mm
Housing design:12 U
Width:55 cm
Height:24 cm
Depth:61.5 cm
Weight:9.10 kg
Tömeg9.9000 kg
Méretek0.6500 × 0.5600 × 0.2600 m