TCM FX Electric Confetti Cannon 40cm

TCM FX Electric Confetti Cannon 40cm, red Hearts

2.790 Ft bruttó / db

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Electric confetti cannon

  • Confetti ammunition for E-Shot, WI-Shot and Confetti Gun
  • Top quality for professional use on stages, in discotheques etc.
  • Maximum load of paper confetti inside
  • Shoots the confetti up to 5 m
  • The effect is activated by an electric impulse
  • Complies with SP 371(1)
  • BAM tested
  • Flame resistant – B1 certified
  • Fun for young and old
  • Available in different sizes, shapes and colors

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Tömeg0.3000 kg
Méretek0.0500 x 0.3900 x 0.0500 m